FIJET Congress 2022 will be held in Egypt, in October

by FIJET Academy Team | 31 August 2022 11:47

The Fédération Internationale des Journalists et Ecrivains du Tourism known by its acronym FIJET – The Federation of Tourism Journalists and Travel Writers – cordially invites you to its 68th Congress in Egypt which will be held between 09 – 15 October 2022.

The Fijet Congress has always been an important meeting to bring together member journalists, travel writers, bloggers and tourism academicians from among the member countries. Fijet-Egypt will host the 2022 Fijet Congress which has been eagerly awaited by Fijet members since 2019.

The program includes visits to Cairo, Aswan, Kom Ombo and Luxor. The participants will have a chance to see the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, which was opened with a magnificent ceremony, sound and light show at the Pyramids area in Giza. The program will continue with an unforgettable cruise tour on the Nile by two five-star cruising ships.

We are grateful to the Fijet President Tijani Haddad, Egypt- Fijet President Salah Attia and his team, and Fijet Secretary General Marijana Rebic for this congress, which has been prepared with a very long and meticulous joint work.

FIJET Congress Egypt 2022[1]

FIJET Congress Egypt 2022

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