FIJET Academy Izmir, Turkey 2018

FIJET Academy Izmir, Turkey 2018

Organized between 12-19 June in Turkey, FIJET Academy 2018 was hosted by Yaşar University located in İzmir (Smyrna). The 2018 edition of FIJET Academy, held under the theme of “A different view of the future in the light of history” provided courses on The Historical and Archeological Values of İzmir, Heritage and Culture relation, Managing and Promoting a Tourism Destination: New Challenges for Stakeholders, Finding yourself and your passion in your career, Geopolitical and Social Risks in International Tourism, Tourism and Business Sustainability.

Among other activities of the academy were a Parchment Atelier, a workshop on preparing an online newspaper at 9 Eylül Gazetesi and Briefing on the importance of Health Tourism in İzmir- Medical Park Hospital. Covering a wide range of topics, the academy 2019 took its participants into time travel in history.

FIJET Academy 2018 Trips

Training young journalist candidates with in-class educations, on one hand, the academy also organized press trips for helping destination marketing in İzmir.

The trips included major historical places in İzmir which once hosted glorious cities of antiquity. The participants of FIJET Academy 2019 visited and created promotional contents for Kadife Kale (Pagos Hilltop Castle), Bergama (Pergamon), Acropolis of Pergamon, Asklepeion, Foça (Phocaea), Çeşme,  Ephesus, Museum of Ephesus , House of Virgin Mary, Selçuk, Basilica of St. John, Isa Bey Mosque, Kuşadası Caravanserai, Karşıyaka, Slow City Seferihisar, Sığacık.

Academic staff of FIJET Academy 2018

Drawing the picture of future tourism phenomenon, the international academic staff of FIJET Academy 2019 consisted of the following lecturers.

Prof. Dr. Recep Meriç

Academician at Department of Tourism Management, Yaşar University

Assoc. Dr. Gökçe Özdemir Umutlu

Deputy Director, Head of Tourism Management Department at Yaşar University School of Applied Sciences

School of Applied Sciences, Deputy Director, Head of Tourism Management Department

Prof. Gabriela Tigu

Dean  of Faculty of Business and Tourism,  Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Dr Barbaros Kon

Member the of Board of Governors of Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

Prof. Ludmila Novacka

Full professor at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Dept. Of Services and Tourism, Fac. of Commerce

Mike Black

Director of New Destinations Network in Liverpool, England.