Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


Participants are hosted and accommodated by the supporting educational institute or university.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements

All participants are required to bring their own cameras to take photos during the program.

Participants are also required to bring their own laptops to write their essays.

The Academy does not require participants to own a specific brand or operating system.

Academic Requirements

Applications are welcomed from:

  • Graduates with a subject-appropriate academic background such as tourism, journalism and all academic departments of them
  • Undergraduates of the above mentioned academic studies
  • Postgraduates of a full-time university degree course in a relevant academic discipline
  • Young professionals in journalism or tourism

English Language Requirement

The Fijet Academy Program is an international program.

Applicants are expected to speak a good level of ENGLISH and participate fully in lectures and excursions in ENGLISH.

They are also expected to produce and present a written work to be printed or a production to be broadcasted on television channels or radios about the host country in ENGLISH.


All applicants who attend the Fijet Academy Program receives a “Certificate of Attendance” at the end of the program.


The total tuition fee of the program is €350 for each participant. One half of the tuition fee which is €175 is covered by FIJET INTERNATIONAL and the other half which is €175 could be covered by the national associations, the applicant or the employer of the applicant.

The Tuition Fee includes:

  • a full board residential program, covering the whole duration of it
  • transfers by bus from the Airport of the destination – and to the same airport on the day of the departure
  • transfers by bus to all destinations which are listed in the program
  • entrances to historical sites

Deadline for Applications:

The deadline for Applications is announced according to the date of the program every year.