Young Journalists Academy Explores the Vibrant Cities of Tunis

Young Journalists Academy Explores the Vibrant Cities of Tunis

In this captivating video tour of different cities in Tunis, filmed by our talented Romanian student, Tudor-Alexandru Panait, viewers are treated to a visual feast of Tunisia’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

The journey takes us through the vibrant streets of Tunis, where the group of young journalists from the Young Journalists Academy embarked on their educational adventure. From the enchanting blue and white-washed buildings of Sidi Bou Said, which symbolize art and protected heritage, to the awe-inspiring Souse Archeological Museum, showcasing a stunning collection of 2nd and 3rd-century Roman African mosaics, the video captures the essence of these remarkable destinations. The program’s visit to Jawhara FM, a private radio station in Sousse, and their hands-on experience of live TV reporting added a dynamic element to their journalistic exploration. The journey also includes a visit to the impressive Roman-Berber city of OUDHNA, partially excavated, but nonetheless astonishing.

This video encapsulates the essence of the Young Journalists Academy’s enriching experience in Tunis, where they delved into the world of sustainable tourism and journalism, forging lasting friendships and memories along the way.

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  1. Novacka Ludmila
    Novacka Ludmila 25 September, 2023, 11:44

    Great event. Perfect professional program and additional amazing excursions. Thanks to President Mr . Tijani Haddad , chair of Fijer academy Ms. Sema Kutlu and to all kind and friendly participants. The best regards to everybody Ludmila Novacka

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